Quantum sensors to build better climate models

Published on
January 26, 2024

There is great potential in using quantum sensors to explore and protect the environment. Researchers are aiming to improve the reference frame used by researchers in climate science to allow higher precision climate data to be collected, better models to be made and improved evidence for political decisions to be generated.

As stated by the UN: "The Global Geodetic Reference Frame (GGRF) is the foundation for evidence-based policies and decisions, it underpins the collection and management of nationally integrated geospatial information and is used to monitor our dynamic Earth. Thus, the GGRF has direct societal relevance." This global framework is essential for Earth Observation sciences as it provides a stable and accurate platform for monitoring the Earth system, from monitoring changes, enabling disaster management, monitoring sea-level rise and climate change to providing accurate information for decision-makers.

Researchers are using the latest developments in quantum sensors and making them sufficiently robust to achieve world-record precision inside the UK Space Geodesy Facility in Herstmonceux. The team are also exploring the tools needed to achieve a continuous stream of precise gravity data from the quantum sensor to better understand the tide models and other effects influencing the measurements defining our geodetic reference frames.



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