As technology rapidly develops, security concerns for users increases. Quantum technologies will help to provide security against hackers and cyber/real-world threats

Quantum Key Distribution will help to future-proof secure communication

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is an established technology used for the secure distribution of secret keys, needed for data encryption.

Quantum-enabled radar for better visibility and detection

Researchers are developing networked quantum-enabled radar technology which will help us detect even tiny objects in the airspace

Detecting out of sight objects, including concealed weapons

Researchers have developed a system using a camera that it can freeze light in motion, giving a crucial advantage of conventional cameras

Securing digital and real worlds

Quantum technologies will help us to detect what is not always visible to the eye in our physical world, and will help provide better security for our rapidly moving digital world

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Second radar installation at the University of Birmingham to form future quantum-enabled radar network

Exactly one year after the first staring radar was installed at the University of Birmingham campus, a second identical radar has been installed, representing another step in the journey to hosting the very first quantum-enabled networked radar installation in the world, uniquely showcasing the impressive detection capabilities offered by quantum timing devices.

Researchers achieve breakthrough in unhackable quantum cryptography

Researchers discover a new form of quantum cryptography that offers unprecedented security guarantees.

Live trials at airport explore bird movement in urban environments

In June 2021, researchers from the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing conducted live trials at Cranfield Airport with birds of prey and drones to further research on quantum-enabled radar capabilities for airspace detection.