Quantum technologies will have an impact on all aspects of the environment, for example allowing better monitoring of crops and detecting issues hidden underground before they become a real problem.

Quantum sensors to build better climate models

Quantum sensors can help to explore and build climate models to protect the environment

Quantum computers can model complex environmental systems

Environmental systems can improve climate prediction modelling and our understanding of climate change

GasCam for detecting and imaging invisible gases

GasSight is a camera developed by researchers which produces real-time video images of gas

Tackling climate change

There are many ways in which quantum technologies will be able to help mitigate the impact of climate change - through detecting invisible gases, building complex climate models and exploring carbon sequestration.

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Celebrating a century of quantum science: 2025 will be the International Year of Quantum!

Earlier this month (June 7th) the United Nations approved a proposal for 2025 to be declared the International Year of Quantum Science and Technology (IYQ).

Quantum City launches new website to engage next generation of quantum scientists

Quantum City reaches new milestone in the launch of a new website aiming to inform and capture the imaginations of people interested in understanding more about quantum technologies.

Final three winners of the Quantum Shorts flash fiction competition

Three stories inspired by quantum physics have claimed prizes in the final round of the international Quantum Shorts competition.

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