Quantum technologies will improve communications for inter-satellite networks and provide incredibly precise atomic clocks for many space-based applications.

Space-based quantum secure technologies

Quantum secure communications, pivotal for future global digital communications, hinge on satellite-based quantum key distribution.

Quantum technologies in space

Being able to operate quantum technologies more widely in space would greatly help in terms of strengthening our communications infrastructure, and even in terms of monitoring the Earth's geological changes more accurately!

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Quantum City launches new website to engage next generation of quantum scientists

Quantum City reaches new milestone in the launch of a new website aiming to inform and capture the imaginations of people interested in understanding more about quantum technologies.

Final three winners of the Quantum Shorts flash fiction competition

Three stories inspired by quantum physics have claimed prizes in the final round of the international Quantum Shorts competition.

Ten Quantum Shorts finalists selected from record number of submissions

The international Quantum Shorts competition received a record 650 entries in its last call for flash fiction that takes inspiration from quantum physics. Now, we are delighted to present the 10 finalists.