Quantum Ambassadors Programme

About the Programme

The Quantum Ambassadors Programme is a school enrichment scheme rolled out nationally on a pilot basis by the National STEM Learning Centre and funded by the UK Government through DSIT (the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology). The programme aims to take quantum into the classroom thus providing the opportunity for students' knowledge and understanding of quantum to extend beyond the national curriculum and to enable them to appreciate the vast career opportunities within the field.

The scheme, which will focus on continued professional development for teachers, will help them lead quantum physics activities in their classrooms with support of STEM Ambassadors. Students will gain an enhanced understanding of the key concepts of quantum and how these are being utilised in new cutting-edge quantum technologies, alongside insight into applications of these technologies and career opportunities in quantum.  

If you are an educator, and would like to find out more about the scheme, or you are a student and would like to bring this to your teacher's attention, visit this link for more information about how to get involved.