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What will the future look like when quantum technologies are in our everyday lives? Click on the topics below to find out more.

How will quantum technologies change healthcare?

Quantum technologies are likely to have a major effect on healthcare, from massively improved sensing and imaging through to personalised medicine.

Quantum Economy
What will a Quantum Economy look like?

We are building a new economy built around quantum technologies.

Quantum components, Dan Tsantilis/EPSRC
How will quantum technologies improve the environment?

Quantum technologies will have an impact on all aspects of the environment, for example allowing better monitoring of crops and detecting issues hidden underground before they become a real problem.

What are quantum communications?

Communications will be revolutionised by quantum technologies. Fundamentally secure communications will be available, thanks to quantum physics, making banking more secure.

Secure communications
What will quantum technologies look like in space?

Quantum technologies will improve communications for inter-satellite networks and provide incredibly precise atomic clocks for many space-based applications.

NASA GPS satellite
How will quantum technologies change the World of Finance?

Quantum technologies will change the world of finance in many ways.




Quantum City has a variety of resources that will be of particular interest to secondary schools and their students. Explore this page to discover posters on Quantum Technologies (hardcopies of which can be requested free of charge), our Guide to Quantum, interesting videos and pre-recorded talks, upcoming events and more. 

We are always looking to create new resources and find new ways of sharing the far reaching applications of quantum technologies, along with the plethora of career opportunities within the field, with schools and their students. If you think something is missing from this page or Quantum City can help your school with resources or an event, please get in touch and we will do our best to help. 

Researcher showing children a demonstration
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Quantum Ambassadors Programme

The Quantum Ambassadors Programme, funded by Quantum City partner the Quantum Communications Hub, aims to take quantum into the A-Level (or equivalent) classroom and provide the opportunity for students' knowledge and understanding of quantum to extend beyond the national curriculum and to enable them to appreciate the vast career opportunities within the field. The project, which is led by STEM Learning, will help teachers to lead quantum physics activities in their classrooms, with the support of STEM Ambassadors. Students will gain an enhanced understanding of the key concepts of quantum and how these are being utilised in new cutting-edge quantum technologies, along with applications of these technologies and career opportunities in quantum. Find out more about how your school could get involved on the STEM Learning website

Careers in Quantum

There are many different routes that can lead to a career in the field of quantum, however, studying subjects such as Maths, Physics, IT/Computer Science, Design and Technology/Product Design in further and higher education is often a great first step! To find out more about the wide variety of jobs in the field of quantum and what they entail, visit the news page of this website to read interviews with a diverse range
of people working in the field.

You can also download some fact sheets on careers in quantum technologies below which give an insight into various roles within the field of quantum, what they entail, skills & qualifications needed, useful work experience and a case study of someone already in that role. 

Quantum scientists working in the lab
Resource downloads
A preview of the brief early history of quantum physics poster

A brief early history of quantum physics poster

A poster showing the timeline of discoveries in quantum physics.


Preview of quantum technologies posters

Quantum Technologies posters

A series of posters that showcase the far reaching applications of these technologies. Request a free hard copy

Download3.04 MB
Quantum Technologies Careers Fact Sheets cover

Quantum Technologies Careers Fact Sheets

A collection of fact sheets highlighting the many career opportunities in the field of quantum.


Download1.53 MB
An Everyday Guide to Quantum Science

An Everyday Guide to Quantum Science

A brief introduction to the key principles of Quantum Physics. 

Download7.18 MB
A screenshot of the flyer

Quantum City Flyer

A flyer which gives more information on the exciting applications of quantum technologies.

Download3.15 MB
Image of a book on a beach

Quantum Summer Reading List

A list of recommended reads - there's something for everyone, even your dog!

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Public dialogue report

Quantum Technologies Public Dialogue Report

A report summarising the public perception of Quantum Technologies and their applications.

Download1.22 MB
Secondary school assemblies