Optical atomic clock strontium ion trap, Andrew Brookes / NPL
NPL Time

Trusted time for the global financial sector

To‑the‑second timing is out. Millisecond timing, and for high‑frequency traders 100 microseconds, is the new requirement. GPS time‑stamping is no longer necessarily accurate enough, nor sufficiently reliable. Spoofing, solar storms, jamming and urban canyon effects can play havoc with a GPS signal.

NPLTime® originates from NPL – the National Physical Laboratory, where atomic timekeeping began in 1955; NPLTime® is essentially a highly reliable atomic clock. It is highly resilient, certified and directly traceable to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for precise and microsecond‑accurate synchronisation.

NPLTime® is a resilient, traceable and certified time distribution service for the financial sector that completely eliminates reliance on GPS and helps to minimise the cost of regulatory compliance.

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