Imaging with a single pixel
Imaging with a single pixel

How can you make the invisible visible?

Most cameras have many millions of pixels to capture an image and the more megapixels you have for example, in your smartphone, the better the image. But are more pixels always better or needed?

Quantic is developing cameras that have only one pixel, but when combined with the technology similar to that found in a digital cinema projector these single pixel cameras still produce video images. The advantage of a single pixel is that it is much cheaper than a multimillion pixel camera, particularly in the infrared region of the spectrum where imaging is more expensive.

Imaging in the infrared can allow firefighters to see through smoke, better monitor the ripeness of agricultural crops for efficient harvesting and detect gas leaks in heavy industry. In fact, we’ve developed a prototype camera, Gas Sight, which can detect invisible methane gas leaks and is being tested with our industry partners.

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Image: Demonstration of imaging with a single pixel at the National Quantum Technologies Showcase, by Dan Tsantilis / EPSRC